Beijing International Tourism Festival (BITF), hosted by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development, is a large-scale tourism festival. Since 1998, it has been successfully held for 18 sessions in Beijing… (More)

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Voting time: September 15—September 30, 2017

Featuring with the colorful, splendid and profound culture, Beijing is an ancient capital incorporating traditional and fashionable elements. Please enjoy the magnificent scenery of Beijing and vote for one or several options appealing you most.

Imperial City - Beijing
  • The Imperial Palace

    The greatest miracle and largest wooden architectural complex in the world.

  • The Great Wall

    One of the most famous world relics, the marvelous building shows diversity in each brick.

  • The Temple of Heaven

    The sacrificial altar has witnessed the history of worshipping heaven in ancient China.

  • The Summer Palace

    The largest royal garden and the best-preserved Xanadu garden remaining in China.

Beijing Hutong
  • South Luogu Lane

    The most well-known Hutong in Beijing with various original shops.

  • Dashilan Qianshi Hutong

    The narrowest Hutong in Beijing with a length of 55m, of which the narrowest part is 0.4m.

  • Zhuanta Hutong

    The oldest one in Beijing, known as the “Root of Beijing Hutongs”.

Modern Beijing
  • National Center for the Performing Arts

    The world’s largest dome without the support of columns, surrounded by a glittering artificial lake.

  • Bird’s Nest and Water Cube

    The ingenious design and unique appearance make them landmark buildings of Beijing.

  • Sanlitun

    Sanlitun is one of the “busiest” entertainment streets for night life in Beijing.

  • 798 Art District

    Taking a cup of coffee or walking into a gallery to indulge in the artistic atmosphere.

Foods in Beijing
  • Royal Court Dishes

    Enjoying delicate royal dishes and desserts which were served for emperors in ancient China.

  • Beijing Cuisine & Dessert

    Beijing cuisine includes a variety of famous dishes and snacks, such as Beijing Roast Duck and Beijing Hot Pot.

  • Old Beijing Snacks

    Old Beijing flavor snacks are the essence of Beijing's marketplace culture and folk customs.

Experience Beijing
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Beijing boasts the rich and diversified cultural resources of traditional Chinese medicines.

  • Chinese Painting and Calligraphy

    Discovering the spirit and mystery of Chinese painting and calligraphy!

  • Oriental Zen Tea

    Relaxing yourself by savoring the oriental tea ceremony in an ancient temple or an elegant tearoom.


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